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Because MORE is simply better: Our service for you

As an expert, you will know: Expensive pump systems require optimum care and maintenance. But extra measures will increase your machines' operating lives. Primarily, this is very good news for you: A massive saving in costs! Which is why we provide not only our product range, but also high-quality pump conversion.

The longer the better: Extending operating life

It simply adds up: Anyone who protects their pumps and machines from early wear doesn't just save costs, they also ensure a substantial operating life for their machinery. Less effort. Less stress! Our wide range of services is proof of our high standards. And our satisfied customers are too!

The right coating makes all the difference: Our wear protection

We use special wear protection with coatings of ceramic and hard chrome plating to ensure the optimum mechanical properties of your pumps and machines. That ensures your own high product quality and process efficiency.

And when there's no other way: Pump repair

Sometimes technology can fail too – despite wear protection, despite extending service life. At Fellerhoff you have a single-source full service range. We fix and maintain your pump systems and carry out all necessary repair work. Of course the quality control at the final inspection is included!